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A Fearful Yet Wonderful Truth: "God is the Judge"

Evening Worship
Psalm 75

2nd Kings 18-19

1.  The Rightful Disposition of Gratitude    v.1
      a.  The correct direction of gratitude:  "Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks,..."
      b.  The compelling desire of gratitude:  "for that thy name is near..."

2.  The Righteous Dealings of God    vv.2-3
      a.  It is a set time, not impulsive but deliberate.
      b.  It is a suitable response.  I will judge uprightly.
      c.  It is a sovereign act.  I bear up the pillars of it.

3.  The Rebuke Deserving of Gloaters    vv.4-7
      a,  How God depicts the gloater.
      b.  How God rejects the gloater.

4.  The Rebels Destiny with God    v.8
a.  This prophecy alone is a frightful expression.
      b.  The reality will be a fierce experience.  Revelation 14:8; 18:3

5.  The Responsive Doxology for Grace    vv.9-10
      a.  He is the God of Jacob!
      b.  He is the God of justice.

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