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Are We Sufficient in Ourselves or Are We Dependent upon God?

Evening Worship
Revelation 3:14-22

1.  The Blindness expressed by a Casual Introspection.    vv.15-17a
      a.  It is self-inebriating.
          ...neither cold nor hot
      b.  It is self-assessing.
          ...I am rich, and increased with good
      c.  It is self-satisfying.
          ...have need of nothing

2.  The Barrenness exposed in a Spiritual Inspection.    vv.15a, 17b
      a.  It is a divine disclosure.  Psalm 139:1  15a
      b.  It is a distressing diagnosis.    17b

3.  The Blessedness ensured in a Personal Invitation.    vv.18-22
      a.  The provisions are gracious.    18
      b.  The proposition is good.    19-22

      Amos 4:6-13

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