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"Christ Died For Our Sins According to the Scriptures"

Morning Worship
1st Corinthians 15:3
Romans 4:25

1.  Christ:  The Identity of our Savior
      a.  Note how Paul specifies our Savior.  3-8
      b.  Note how Paul glorifies our Savior.  1st Corinthians 15:20-22

2.  Christ Died:  The Enormity of God's Love
      a.  Calvary is the manifestation of God's love.  1st John 4:9; Romans 5:8
      b.  Calvary is the measurement of God's love.  Ephesians 3:17-19
            (1)  Calvary shows us just how far God will go to save sinners?  Luke 15:4
            (2)  Calvary shows us just how much God will do to remedy sin?  John 3:16

3.  Christ Died For Our Sins:  The Necessity of Atonement  Hebrews 9:22
      a.  Christ is our subsitute.
      b.  Christ is the satisfaction of the law's demands.

4.  Christ Died For Our Sins According to the Scriptures:  The Authority of our Salvation
      a.  The Scriptures affirm to us the success of the crucifixion.
      b.  The Scriptures assure us of our salvation in Christ.  1st John 5:9-13


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