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Ecclesiastes: "Making Sense of Life: Solomon's Climactic Appeal: The Investment of Life"

Morning Worship
Ecclesiastes 11:1-10

1.  We should Regard Our Lives as an Investment.    vv.1-6
      a.  An investment has the element of risk.
           (1)  It is a reasonable risk to forsake the world and follow Christ.  Matthew 19:27-29
           (2)  It is unreasonalbe to risk your soul in following after the world.  Mark 8:36
      b.  An Investment includes responsibility.  v.4
           (1)  We are to give generously.  v.2
           (2)  We are to gather gladly.  4b
                 Psalms 126:5-6; Matthew 13:3-8

2.  We may Realize the Enjoyment of Our Lives.    vv.9-10
      a.  God allows the enjoyment of good pleasures in this life.  v.9a
           Psalms 16:11; 1st Timothy 6:17; James 1:17
      b.  God will audit us for the privileges we receive.  v.9b
      c.  Our actions need to be guarded.  v.10

3.  We need to Remember that Our Lives are Transient.    vv.7-8
      a.  Time is passing.
      b.  Death is permanent.

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