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Ecclesiastes Series: "Making Sense of Life: The Sacrifice of Fools! Our Struggle with Finances"

Morning Worship
Ecclesiastes 5:8-20

1.  Politically, there is the Probability of Wealth being Manipulated.    vv.8-9
      a.  In government, there is the burden of bureaucracy.  v.8
      b.  In general, there is the benefit of bureaucracy.  v.9  Ephesians 6:9

2.  Practically, there is the Problem of Wealth being Overrated.    vv.10-17
      a.  Wealth can be addictive.  v.10
           (1)  There's a way that wealth can handle you.  Luke 12:13-21
           (2)  There's a way that you can handle wealth.  1st Timothy 6:6-18
      b.  Wealth can be illusive.  v.11  Matthew 6:19-21
      c.  Wealth can be ineffective.  v.12
      d.  Wealth can be unproductive.  vv.13-17  Job 1:21

3.  Personally, there is the Pleasure of Wealth being Appreciated.    vv.18-20
      a.  Appreciate the life God has given you.  v.18
            ...his life which God gives him
      b.  Acknowledge the good God has given you.  v.19a
           As for every man to whom God has given riches and wealth...
      c.  Appreciate the opportunities God has given you.  v.19b
           ...this is the gift of God

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