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"Facing an Uncertain Tomorrow with an Unchanging Truth"

Morning Worship
Romans 14:7-9

1.  Becaus He gave His life for Me, Christ is the Owner of My Life.
      a.  Christ purchased me at Calvary.
           1st Peter 1:18-19
      b.  Christ now possesses me.
           2nd Timothy 2:9a; John 17:9-10
           (1)  The consequence of my life is Christ's responsibility.
           (2)  The obedience of my life to Christ is my responsibility.

2.  Because of His love for Me, Christ is to be the Objective of My Life.
      2nd Corinthians 5:14-15
      a.  Christ is my priority.
           Philippians 1:21
      b.  Christ is my prize.

3.  Because He is Lord, Christ is the Overseer of My Life.
      a.  Christ is my superior in life and in death.
           John 3:30
      b.  Christ is my security in life and in death.

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