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God's Grief for His People

Evening Worship
Psalm 81

Ephesians 4:30

1.  There's the Memory of a Powerful Deliverance.    vv.1-7
      a.  Such deliverance merits celebration.  vv.1-4
      b.  Such a matter merits contemplation.   vv.5-7
      Exodus 17:7

2.  There's the Message with a Wonderful Assurance.    vv.8-10
      a.  Obedience is the prerequisite.  v.8
      b.  Reverence is the principle.  vv.9-10a
      c.  Assurance is the promise.  v.10b

3.  There's the Moment with a Sorrowful Consequence.    vv.11-16
      a.  The rebellious choice.  v.11
      b.  The serious consequence.  v.12
      c.  The tremendous cost.  vv.13-16

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