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"Gossiper or God: Whom shall I Fear?"

Evening Worship
Psalm 64:1-10

1.  The Spiteful Attempts of the Gossiper    1-6
      a.  The Gossiper's way it to wound.  1-2
           Acts 6:8-15
      b.  The Gossiper's weapon is his word.  3-4
      c.  The Gossiper's wit is cleverness.  5-6

2.  The Vengeful Activity of God    7-9
      a.  This activity of God is sure.  7a
      b.  This activity of God will be swift.  7b
      c.  This activity of God will be successful.  8-9

3.  The Joyful Assurance of the Godly    10
      a.  Their provision:
           "The righteous shall be glad in the Lord,"
           John 16:33
      b.  Their perscription:
           "and shall trust in Him;"
           2nd Timothy 1:8-12
      c.  Their promise:
           "and all he upright in heart shall glory."
           Romans 8:16-18

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