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Jerusalem, the City of God

Evening Worship
Psalm 87

1.  The Bible teaches our Lord's sovereign Ownership of the earth.
      Psalm 24:1

2.  Psalm 87 teaches that there is a tract of land of special Interest to our God-the city Jerusalem.
      a.  The location of Jerusalem: 
           Ezekiel 5:5
      b.  The foundation of Jerusalem:
      c.  The appreciation of Jerusalem:
           Psalms 132:13-14; Psalms 133:3; Psalms 122:1-9
      d.  The preservation of Jerusalem:
           1st Kings 11:11-13; Luke 1:31-33

3.  The Revelation teaches us that there will be a New Jerusalem.
      a.  The New Jerusalem will fulfill the anticipation of Abraham.  Hebrews 11:8-10
      b.  The New Jerusalem will be the celebration of the saints.  Psalm 46:4-7
      c.  The New Jerusalem will be the glorification of God.

Revelation 21


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