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"Let God be Magnified!"

Evening Worship
Psalm 70

1.  Note the Simplicity of David in how he spoke.
      a.  In style, he was direct.  v.1a
      b.  In spirit, he was desperate.  v.5a
      c.  In substance, he was down to earth.

2.  Note the Sincerity of David in what he said.
      a.  O God, I need help.  v.1b
      b.  O God, I need you to help me.  v.5b
      c.  O God, I need you to help me now.  5c

3.  Note the Sensitivity of David as to Whom he spoke.
      a.  David sought the aid of Elohim, God of Creation.  vv. 1, 5
      b.  David sought the help of Yahweh, the LORD of the Covenant.  vv.1, 5

4.  Note the Sorority for whom David spoke.    v.4
      a.  David included the plight of fellow sufferers.
      b.  David included the prayer of fellow worshipers.

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