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"Membership Matters: #1 Agreement: The Foundation for Membership"

Morning Worship
Acts 2:36-47

1.  Priority is placed upon Doctrine.    2:42
      a.  Biblical doctrine was a concern of our Lord.  John 17:17
      b.  Biblical doctrine was a command of our Lord.  Matthew 28:18-20

2.  Preference is given to Doctrine.
      a.  This preference was obvious.
      b.  This preference was continuous.
      c.  This preference was infectious.

3.  Progress is made through Doctrine.    2:43-47
      a.  Reverence for God was prominent.  43
      b.  Deference was practiced in the church.  44-46
      c.  Influence was positive in the community.  47
           Acts 4:23-37

4.  Precision is developed in Doctrine.
      a.  The exclusivity and the sufficiency of Jesus Christ is developed.
           Acts 4:10-12; 5:29-31; 8:35; 9:20; 10:34-43; 11:19-21; 13:32-39; 15:11; 16:30-31
      b.  The exclusivity and the sufficiency of Holy Scripture is developed.  2nd Timothy 3:15-17; 2nd Peter 1:20-21

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