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"Reformation: The Great Cloud of Witnesses"

Morning Worship
Acts 15:22-35
Hebrews 12:1-2

1.  There is the Providential Matter of the Reformation.
      John Wycliffe 1330-1384
      John Huss 1369-1415
      Johannes Guttenberg 1395-1468
      Martin Luther 1483-1546
      William Tyndale  1494-1536

2.  There is the Ministerial Matters of the Reformation.
      a.  The Bible was made available in the language of the people.
      b.  Preaching was heard in the language of the people.
      c.  Pastors were allowed to get married.

3.  There are the Doctrinal Matters of the Reformation.
      a.  Three critical questions were asked and answered.
            (1)  How do we gain a right standing before God?
            (2)  What is the authority for our faith and practice?
            (3)  Do we need a human priest to intercede for us or can we personally and privately confess our sins to God?
      b.  Five descriptive phrases emerged from the Reformation
            (1)  "Sola Scriptura"  Scripture Alone
            (2)  "Solo Christo"  Christ Alone
            (3)  "Sola Gratia"  Grace Alone
            (4)  "Sola Fide"  Faith Alone
            (5)  "Soli Deo gloria"  The Glory of God Alone
            The "Solas" are God-ward not Man-ward
            The "Solas" are Gospel and Grace oriented - No works salvation
            The "Solas" Gladden the heart of the convicted sinner

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