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Remember the Lord!

Morning Worship
Nehemiah 4:14

1.  Our Allegiance to Christ requires us to make dalily decisions.    Luke 9:23

2.  We are all too easily distracted from our allegiance to Christ.

3.  We all can drift from the Lord.

4.  The renewing of our allegiance to Christ is intentional.    Philippians 4:8

1.  Remember the Lord's Mercy.
      a.  Remember where you were when the Lord found you.
      b.  Remember how the Lord forgave you and has repeatedly forgiven you.
      c.  Remember the Lord's faithfulness to you.

2.  Remember the Lord's Might.  
      a.  He is the One to be feared.
      b.  He is the One to be trusted.

3.  Resist all that would compete with your Allegiance to the Lord.    Nehemiah 6:1-2
      a.  Focus:  Clarify your dependence (on God)    14b
      b.  Fight:  Value your influence.    14c
      c.  Fortify:  Strengthen your resistance.  Nehemiah 4:15-17; Hebrews 12:12-13

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