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Series: Self-Evident Truths - Message #2 We Serve Our Master

Morning Worship
Romans 6:16-23

What is insinuated?  I have a Master.
What is implied?  I am a Servant.
My Obedience indicates who or what is my master.

1.  The Illusive Appeal of our Independence
      a.  We were created to depend on God and to serve Him.  Genesis 2:15-17
      b.  As our Creator, God is our source for life and our Sovereign Lord whom we are to serve.  Genesis 3:1-5

2.  The Exclusive Claim of our Master
      Matthew 6:24
      a.  The master demands loyalty.
      b.  The master disallows competition.

3.  The Submissive Offering of our Lives    Romans 6:16a
      a.  Our salvery is willing.
      b.  Our salvery is telling.

4.  The Distinctive Consequence to our Service    Romans 6:16b
      a.  Sin (rebellion to God) has the consequence of death, phsically, spiritually, and eternally.
      b.  Obedience to God has the consequence of righteousness which is the evidence of the new life in Christ.

5.  The Decisive Change of Masters    Romans 6:17-18
      a.  The truth of Christ's gospel liberates the soul from sin.
      b.  The gospel of Christ that frees us from sin's mastery also enslaves us to the mastery of Christ.
           Exodus 21:1-6; Romans 6:19-23; 1st Kings 18:21

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