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"The Liberating Effect in Knowing the Truth"

Morning Worship
John 8:31-36

1.  The Condition for knowing the Truth is Continuation31
      a.  Continuing in the Word is to characterize Christ's disciples.
            (1)  Continual exposure to God's Word
            (2)  Continual exploring of God's Word
            (3)  Lifelong education in God's Word  2nd Peter 1:12-15
      b.  Comprehending truth is a charge to Christ's diciples.

2.  The Consequence for knowing the Truth is Liberation.  32
      a.  Truth liberates from the enslavement of sin.  Romans 6:16-23; John 5:40; 2nd Corinthians 5:17
      b.  Truth liberates from the entanglement of error/false teaching.
      c.  Truth liberates from the enclosure of fear.

3.  The Conflict with knowing the Truth is Self-Satisfaction.  33-35
      a.  Self-satisfaction is a false dependance.  33a
      b.  Self-satisfaction is a foolish delusion.  33b
      c.  Self-satisfaction is a full disclosure of the sinner.  34-35

4.  The Crown in knowing the truth is in knowing Christ.  36
      a.  The Word of truth and the Spirit of truth point us to Christ who is the truth.
      b.  Our freedom comes in knowing Christ and as we grow in Christ.

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