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"The Repentance of an Unworthy Sinner"

Morning Worship
Luke 19:1-10

1.  A Casual Curiosity from a Sinner.
      a.  A simple curiosity.
      b.  Some endless obstacles.
Happy those, who in this respect, like Zaccheus, are resolved to overcome all impediments that lie in their way to a sight of Christ.  George Whitefield
      c.  A genuine search.  Isaiah 55:6; Psalm 14:2; Romans 3:10-11

2.  A Compelling Call from the Savior.
      a.  An eternal call.  Ephesians 1:3-6
      b.  A personal call.
      c.  A compassionate call.  John 7:37-38; Isaiah 55:1-2
      d.  An effectual call.

3.  A Cheerful Reception from a Sinner.
      a.  Personal
      b.  Immediate
c.  Obedient
      d.  Wholehearted
e.  Joyful
      f.  Exclusive

4.  A Clear Confession from a Repentant Sinner.
      a.  He confessed Christ with his mouth.
      b.  He confessed Christ with his life.
           What is repentance?
            It is a radical change of one's mind,
            heart and will.
            It is a turning of one's mind, heart and
            It is a change of direction and 
            affections!  Romans 2:4; 2nd
            Corinthians 7:10; Acts 11:18;
            2nd Timothy 2:25; Luke 3:3

5.  Christ's Divine Proclamation to Sinners.

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