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"The Saint's Confidence"

Evening Worship
Psalm 55

1.  David's thought was to Flee.    1-8
      a.  There was the internal struggle of David's memory.
      b.  There was the external struggle of David's family.

2.  David's tendency was to Fight.    9-15
      a.  There was the iniquity that troubled his spirit.  9-11
      b.  There was the identity that tortured his mind.  12-15

3.  David's triumph was through Faith.    16-23
      a.  God's loving-kindness was his confidence.  16-17
           Psalm 23:6
      b.  God's righteousness was his comfort.  18-21
      c.  God's faithfulness was his confession.  22-23
           1st John 5:4

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