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"The Song of Deliverance"

Evening Worship
Psalm 40:1-5

Stanza 1:  "The Attentiveness of the Lord"  1
      a.  There is the duration of our waiting.  1st Samuel 13
      b.  There is the motivation of our waiting.

Stanza 2:  "The Ability of the Lord"  2
      a.  There is the extent of God's deliverance.
      b.  There is the effect of God's deliverance.

Stanza 3:  "The Adoration of the Lord"  3
      a.  God's deliverance is the incentive for our worship.
      b.  God's deliverance is an instrument for our witness.

Stanza 4:  "The Assurance of the Lord"  4
      a.  The attraction of our trust is the Lord alone.
      b.  There are the distractions to our trust which we must avoid.

Stanza 5:  "The Activity of the Lord"  5
      a.  His multiple works in our behalf are incomparable.
      b.  His merciful thoughts in our behalf are innumerable.  Psalm 139:17

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